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The Compounding Risk of Inappropriate Treatment ~Miles Varn, MD, CMO, PinnacleCare

By Miles Varn, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of PinnacleCare | – January 4, 2018

The Compounding Risk of Inappropriate Treatment

In medical treatment, more is not always better. Several studies have found that a patient’s risk of being over treated or receiving inappropriate treatment continues to rise. This trend can have a significant negative impact on the outcome of treatment, in some cases leading to serious harm or even death. It also contributes to increased medical costs.

Risks and Costs of Over Treatment and Inappropriate Treatment

In the U.S., patients receive inappropriate treatment for a range of health problems, including some types of cancer, back pain, heart disease and knee pain. Inappropriate care can cause serious health complications and sometimes permanent disability or death. It also hinders employee productivity, can result in significant legal costs and malpractice payouts, and can lead to considerable spending on unnecessary or misguided care. The Institute of Medicine puts the cost of over treatment at more than $210 billion per year.

There are three elements that define over treatment and inappropriate treatment:

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