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RICE UNIV. STUDY on “Healthcare Consumerism”

Consumerism in healthcare increasing, study

Making cost and quality data of shoppable services available to consumers in a format that is timely, actionable and easy to interpret will be critically important.


By Amit Malewar – March 24, 2018

“The increasing prevalence of walk-in clinics, patient experience/satisfaction surveys, online physician reviews, telemedicine and concierge medicine speak to this. More importantly, they add an air of permanence to the present consumerism movement.”

According to a new study by the Rice University, increasing expenses and changing states of mind about accommodation and the capacity to customize life decisions are driving a pattern toward more prominent shopper acquiring force an individual obligation in medicinal services administrations.

The authors cited several barriers against health care consumerism: Patients rarely have to pay the full “sticker price” for health care, due to insurance coverage, thereby creating a “moral hazard” by consuming more care; it can be difficult to navigate the complex U.S. health care system; and there is a considerable knowledge gap between providers and patients with regard to treatment plans and medical diagnoses.



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