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CMT SPOTLIGHT (Omaha, NE) Meet Dr. Sharp, Osteopathic Concierge Medicine … His membership practice includes two RNs and a phlebotomist.

Let’s say you fall and are whisked away by paramedics to the ER with a suspected broken hip. Or you’re down with the flu and can’t get to the doctor’s office. One call to your concierge doctor’s cellphone, and you’ll have your doctor by your bedside — or at least, on the phone — right away.

Dr. Joel Bessmer, MembersMD in Omaha, NE is recognized as one of Concierge Medicine Today’s 2018 TOP DOCS in Concierge Medicine

By Sandra Wendel/Omaha World-Herald Correspondent

What’s old is new again in concierge medical practices where physicians even make house calls Fans of the hit TV show “Royal Pains” swoon when the handsome doctor of HankMed makes house calls to his wealthy patients in the Hamptons. Is having a concierge doctor a luxury out of reach for most Americans? Actually, no. The concierge medical practice is growing and thriving in Omaha. Also called retainer or boutique medicine, this specialized option works in conjunction with regular medical care and a patient’s insurance plan.



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