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CMT SPOTLIGHT: “The difference between health advisory firms and concierge physician practices …” ~Pinnacle Care

By PinnacleCare | Concierge Medicine and Beyond

Concierge medicine generally refers to primary care services that provide patients with a higher level of personal attention. Many physicians have chosen to limit their patient load to increase the time and attention that they can spend with each patient. Today, concierge practice models take different forms – from single doctor’s offices to concierge physician practices – with a key focus on preventive care and health maintenance that typically does not extend to specialty care. Health advisory firms differ from concierge physician practices in a number of ways. Concierge physician practices provide primary care to a limited number of patients on an annual membership basis. If a patient needs care from a specialist, referrals by the concierge physician typically are limited to a specific geographical location and the doctors’ personal referral network.



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