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EVENT, Greenwich, CT, April 21-22, 2018 — “PRECISION MEDICINE IN PRACTICE” by Dr. Jeanette McCarthy, MPH, PhD, Duke/UCSF


Date: April 21-22, 2018

Location: Greenwich, CT


Jeffrey Puglisi, M.D. (course organizer)

917-453-1681 (cell)

Space is very limited, so please call as soon as possible.  Thank you.

A two-day intensive workshop to learn how to implement precision medicine into clinical practice

Offered by: Precision Medicine Advisors

concierge medicine forum 2018_17_74

Dr. Jeanette McCarthy, MPH, PhD is a CMT Faculty/Speaker in Atlanta (photo: last Oct. 2017). She is a gifted presenter, speaker and Duke/UCSF Faculty. She will be in Greenwich, CT this April 21-22, 2018. Our 2018 CMT FOR DOCTORS FORUM in ATL. Dates are Oct. 26-27, 2018. Plan to attend BOTH events and invite your colleagues to learn about Precision Medicine!


This hands-on interactive workshop teaches practical skills for implementing precision medicine. It is intended for practicing health care providers with little to no experience with genetic testing, who are interested in bringing precision medicine to their patients. The two-day workshop covers pharmacogenomics and diagnostic/predisposition testing for common diseases. The core curriculum will include didactic sessions, group exercises and clinical cases. We will review various genetic testing companies and the scope of products available, as well as resources for learning about the genetic basis of diseases. Students should walk away with the confidence to begin offering precision medicine in their clinical practice. Join a community of like-minded health care providers on the cutting edge of medicine!


Jeanette McCarthy, MPH, PhD (course organizer and faculty) is a UC Berkeley trained genetic epidemiologist and leading educator in the field of precision medicine. She currently holds adjunct faculty positions at Duke University and UCSF. She specializes in communicating genome science to non-technical audiences, including health care providers, patients and other stakeholders. She designs workshops and courses and teaches genomic and precision medicine at UCSF, UC Berkeley Extension, and online through Coursera and Dr. McCarthy is coauthor of the book, Precision Medicine: A Guide to Genomics in Clinical Practice (2017; McGraw Hill Education).

Cost for participants: $1250  Includes:

  • Full two-day program
  • Enduring course materials (including online access to course videos)

Bring a laptop or other device with internet capabilities to explore websites and resources and complete group exercises.


Essential Precision Medicine

Learn the fundamentals to lay the groundwork for practicing precision medicine: human genetics, the genetic basis of disease, how genetic testing is being used in clinical practice, and the risks, regulation and ethics of genetic testing.

Predisposition testing for common diseases

Reviews three clinically valid and useful genetic tests for common diseases that everyone should know about: hereditary breast/ovarian cancer, lynch syndrome and familial hypercholesterolemia. Student will learn how to select a test and lab, interpret and communicate results. We will also discuss the validity and utility of genetic tests for other common diseases. Finally, we will address direct-to-consumer genetic testing and how to be prepared to discuss with your patients.

Pharmacogenomics in practice

Start with the molecular basis of drug response and then dive into practical aspects of pharmacogenomic testing: when to consider PGx testing for your patient; how to know if there is a PGx test available and whether it’s any good; how to choose a test and a lab; how to communicate with patients.

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing

Learn about the scope of DTC genetic testing. Familiarize yourself with the most popular DTC genetic tests (like 23andMe). Learn how to best communicate the value and limitations of these tests with your patients.


Jeffrey Puglisi, M.D. (course organizer)

917-453-1681 (cell)

Space is very limited, so please call as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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