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Misty Hathaway, Senior Director of the Center for Specialized Services at Mass General, explained to Modern Healthcare that since their physicians are salaried, margins from concierge services can help support “things like our substance abuse program, or other parts of primary care where the margin is a little bit harder to achieve.”

Some Hospitals Launch Concierge Care Clinics to Raise Revenue, Generating both Controversy and Opportunity for Medical Laboratories

Critics are quick to note that this creates a disparity in how patients access healthcare services

By The Dark Intelligence Group, Inc. | APRIL 2018

Critics are quick to note that this creates a disparity in how patients access healthcare services Independent concierge care (AKA concierge medicine) is available to anyone willing to pay the additional costs, which are over and above any health insurance. In a concierge care medical practice, patients pay an annual retainer fee to gain increased access to doctors, specialists, and services, such as faster TATs on clinical laboratory testing. Depending on the program, concierge care also can offer patients a range of “improved” healthcare benefits, including same-day appointments, extended appointment times, around-the-clock telehealth services, and the experience of receiving care from a physician with a smaller patient roster and in a more personalized manner. Clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups might also find benefit from the concierge care model. Though some concierge providers bill insurance, most work on a cash basis with payment due upfront for services. This ensures prompt payment for any medical laboratory testing provided, reduces administrative overhead, and eliminates the need to deal with payers.




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