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NEW! EP. 119 | DocPreneur Podcast | ACPP’s Fellowship of Clinical Excellence. Dr. John Kihm


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John T. Kihm, MD, FACP, has been a successful primary care internal medicine physician for more than 30 years, is here to take care of you. He is also the American College of Private Physicians ( Fellowships in Clinical Excellence in Concierge Medicine Program Coordinator. He uses his listening and communication skills, and extensive experience and knowledge to form a correct diagnosis and treatment.   He spends the time that it takes to help his patients. His interests are varied but unified with the intent to help others. Source: American College of Private Physicians (ACPP – | (855) 332-5120 | and Priority Medicine (919) 471-3351 Durham, NC –

Interview with Dr. John Kihm, Concierge Physician, ACPP Fellowships in Clinical Excellence in Concierge Medicine Program Coordinator and Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief | DocPreneur Podcast Host


MAY 2018 – The American College of Private Physicians (ACPP) is a professional organization dedicated to the support and advancement of concierge and direct practice physicians. Today, we talk to Dr. John Kihm, a Concierge Medicine Physician from Durham, NC and ACPP Board Member — today we talk about the ACPP 1-2 year curriculum and Fellowship in Clinical Excellence in Concierge Medicine.

The ACPP offers 1- and 2-year fellowships in Clinical Excellence in Concierge Medicine.  According to interviews with graduating residents in Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, today’s residencies do not train residents for the real-world workforce.  Upon completion of residency training, they are ill-prepared to practice quality, outpatient-based medicine and are not trained to face the business aspects of medical practice.  This fellowship will prepare the Clinical Excellence Fellow to practice at the Concierge level successfully in today’s world.

The Fellowship will involve:

  1. Self-assessment and goal-setting, tailoring the experience to the fellow’s needs and goals;
  2. Clinically advanced training in real-life medical practice via supervised and independent patient care in a variety of clinical settings, which may include the office, hospital, rehabilitation centers, home visits, and remote medical sites.  The fellowship will emphasize practical clinical skills and procedures;
  3. Fellows will also learn business aspects of medicine and “running a practice”;
  4. Additionally, Fellows will learn skills in community/volunteer involvement and networking with the medical and business communities;
  5. Part of the fellowship may involve an optional research project, with the goal of publication.

register concierge medicine forum 2018 atlanta22learnregisThe ACPP members seeking to add these fellowship-trained candidates to their medical practices may stay abreast of developments by connecting with the ACPP, and by tuning into the ACPP Newsletter.

The ACPP Fellowships in Clinical Excellence seeks to prepare the fellow to practice “in the real world,” at the level of Concierge Medicine.  Fellowships will benefit by learning in 1 or 2 years what normally takes a decade or more to learn through medical practice experience.  ACPP members will benefit by having a highly trained applicant pool from which to draw future partner candidates.  Ultimately, patients will benefit by having superb physicians.

Training sites are offered by practicing Concierge Medicine members of the ACPP.  Please contact the ACPP for additional information.

acpp concierge medicine dpc

About Dr. John T. Kihm and Priority Medicine

Dr. Kihm’s philosophy in medicine sounds and may even look simple: “Take care of the patient.” Don’t take this approach for granted. In this day and time, as many will attest, it is a blessing to find excellent medical care. Availability, experience, knowledge, skill, bedside manner, caring—all attributes Dr. Kihm possesses, are important.

doc_coverage_denial_concierge medicine_smsDr. Kihm attended medical school and completed his residency at Wayne State University School of Medicine in Detroit, Michigan. He completed fellowships in research and academic general internal medicine at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC and at Stanford University Medical School, Stanford, CA. Prior to returning to Durham to engage in private practice internal practice, he held a position as Assistant Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.

In the community, Dr. Kihm has volunteered at the Urban Ministries of Durham “Healthcare for the Homeless” shelter. He recently signed-on with Samaritan Health Center, the clinic serving the Durham Rescue Mission. He has personally donated and administered hundreds of flu shots to area school teachers over the years.

Dr. Kihm learned to fly 18 years ago in order to reach those on Ocracoke Island, in the remote Outer Banks of North Carolina. He has since flown more than 200 missions to Ocracoke to see patients. He has volunteered at Bahamas Habitat on Eleuthra, Bahamas, and Remote Area Medical Appalachian clinics. He enjoys helping others and believes in giving back to the community. Learn More, visit: Priority Medicine (919) 471-3351 Durham, NC –

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