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RETAIL MEDICINE + INFOGRAPHICS: Convenient Care Association and Health in Motion Network Sign Strategic Agreement to Reach Millions of Underserved in Trucking and Transportation


NEW ALBANY, OHIO – 02-28-2018 (Press Release Jet) —

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For the first time, a vast, nationwide network of retail health clinics incorporating virtual and connected patient care is being established to serve trucking and transportation professionals and their families. The Convenient Care Association (CCA) and the newly formed Health in Motion Network has announced a strategic collaboration agreement that will revolutionize healthcare delivery. The collaboration will focus on the tens of millions of underserved long-haul truck drivers, their families, and employers. The Health in Motion (H/I/M) Network is a first-of its-kind extended health delivery system that focuses on increasing efficient access to value-based care starting with those in the trucking and transportation industries.

As patients learn to manage high-deductible plans and health savings accounts, convenience, accessibility and neighborhood connections are shaping patient’s financial decisions.

H/I/M has developed a solution for a patient population where a lack of healthcare options has long resulted in poor health, low-productivity and high cost. Multiple healthcare delivery sites located in close proximity to highways, including travel centers across the country, will resolve the health insecurity of America’s road warriors. The network will connect trucking and transportation professionals to personalized health care and will also provide health care access points for those who live in remote communities near network sites who have been medically underserved for generations.

Nielsen’s Retail Health Care Services as Total Growth Opportunity survey found that households with children, Hispanics and Millennials visited in-store …; Source: The Nielsen Company, 2017

The H/I/M network will be comprised of convenient care sites such as retail health clinics and pharmacies that are integrated in a national network of community, travel centers, and lodging locations. The H/I/M technology enabled site will enhance the effectiveness and create efficient access where it is needed most. Combining the convenient access of retail health with state of the art connected care environments is a defining characteristic of the network effort.

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“Health in Motion could be the most significant access-to-care development for the transportation industry since the first retail health clinic opened in a grocery store,” said Tine Hansen-Turton, Executive Director CCA. “It will extend healthcare to those who have long had problems with access to care due to their profession.”

Retail clinics are a growing source of primary care for more U.S. health consumers, …; Healthcare IT News
Source: Advisory Board

The Health in Motion network unifies all of the critical components for a complete end-to- end convenient healthcare solution and provides:

  • Employer health- Value based care as an integrated benefit enhancement for dispersed populations.
  • Convenience care contracted pricing.
  • Employee benefit engagement application.
  • State of the art technology for continuity of care across different healthcare sites, including, but not limited to, retail health clinics, virtual care sites, travel centers, and other community based centers.
  • Connected primary health care, telehealth, and effective chronic care management.
  • Remote patient and clinical education.

“This groundbreaking network has the potential to change the delivery of healthcare and impact many lives in powerful ways,” said Brian Slusser, CEO of Health in Motion Network (Founder OCN Connected Care, and Optimized Care Network). “Patients will have greater access to quality care and employers will have access to enhanced care management for their employees. Health in Motion Network creates a very unique way for clinicians to build patient relationships at a distance.”

Health in Motion was founded jointly by the OCN Connected Care, a leader in extended health strategies, telehealth, and integrated virtual care delivery, and RS Plus, Inc., which has deep roots in the transportation, health and wellness industries.


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With the support of the Convenient Care Association, the trade organization representing the nation’s 2400 retail health clinics, the Health in Motion Network will be leveraged to improve healthcare value for mobile employee populations offering a national network of access points as part of a single integrated benefit. The solution combines the convenient access points and quality care associated with the retail health clinics and urgent care centers coupled with health care delivery innovation to improve overall health where people work and live. H/I/M is radically changing the way these consumers and employers can access healthcare goods and services.

U.S. Retail Clinics Market Size | Industry Research Report, 2014-2025; Source: Grand View Research

About Convenient Care Association

Convenient Care Association is the national trade association of companies and healthcare systems that provide consumers with accessible, affordable, quality healthcare in retail- based locations. CCA works primarily to enhance and sustain the growth of the convenient care industry through sharing resources, best practices and common standards of operation.

About OCN Connected Care and Optimized Care Network

OCN Connected Care and Optimized Care Network is a leader in extended health strategies including virtual care. OCN creates efficient access to quality care environments for existing health care organizations.

OCN CC enhances the capabilities of health care providers to reach more patients where they work and live. The Optimized Care Network platform is generations beyond telemedicine in quality, patient & provider adoption and user experience.

About RS Plus This consulting company operates mainly in the transportation space and, over the last few years, has become increasingly dedicated to developing and popularizing innovative mechanisms for the delivery of healthcare to professional drivers and others whose vocation takes them on the road on a regular basis. As such, it is the perfect founding partner for h/i/m and its access to the Rothman Adaptive Medical Monitoring technology serves to guarantee that h/i/m will remain on the leading edge of the digital healthcare revolution.

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