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CMT SPOTLIGHT: Meet Priority Private Care, NYC

Priority Private Care is the only service of its kind in New York, where members receive the highest quality care, day or night, in a completely private environment—with absolutely no wait.


Priority Private Care offers members immediate, unlimited, 24/7 access to a state-of-the-art medical facility, including best-in-class ER physicians who manage their care from check-in to follow-up, superior staff to attend to their every need, advanced diagnostic imaging, VIP support from leading hospitals, and fast access to our hand-selected specialist network.

We Work with Your Family Doctor

We work with concierge doctors and family physicians to help them provide their patients with the medical care they deserve. During your visit and afterwards, we communicate closely with your primary care providers and other doctors. If a specialist is needed, we work together to choose the best physician for you. If hospitalization is required, we can help to coordinate through our VIP relationships with leading institutions.


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