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How to see your secret ‘health credit report’ files |

Theo Thimou | January 30, 2018 12:56 pm

Almost everyone knows that you have a credit report that monitors the health of your finances. But do you know you have a “health credit report” that insurers check when deciding whether or not to take you on as a new customer? In the era of electronic medical records, ExamOne and Milliman are a couple of large organizations that make money compiling information about prescriptions on an estimated 200 million Americans. The dossiers they assemble on us are then sold to a variety of insurers, particularly life insurance companies. This extensive yet secretive gathering of info is nothing new. One decade ago, The Washington Post reported that a company called Ingenix had a business crunching a “pharmacy risk score” on you to tell insurers the risk level you pose to them as a potential customer.



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