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CMT SPOTLIGHT (IL): 3 Doctors at Northwest Community Healthcare

NCH Concierge Medicine

A Personalized Approach to Care | Source: Northwest Community Healthcare

Register Early … Steep Group Discounts Also Avail. & Students/Residents … OCT. 26-27, 2018 …

Three distinguished physicians at Northwest Community Healthcare — David Charman, M.D., Mark Charman, M.D., and Carl Lang, M.D. — are currently accepting patients to join their concierge practice in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Concierge medicine is growing in popularity. Concierge physicians care for fewer patients, enabling enhanced access and longer appointments for preventative care and maintenance. Benefits of NCH Concierge Medicine

  • Same-day appointments
  • Longer appointments
  • Texting and calling after-hours
  • Reserved parking
  • Monthly seminars
  • Coordination with specialists
  • Comprehensive physical and action plans

Office: 847-632-1880

600 W. Lake Cook Road, Suite 160
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089


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