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CMT SPOTLIGHT | Chicago, IL: “IVme, a concierge medical service, said their alternative treatment will fight the symptoms faster. “

About IVme

With over twenty years of combined experience as physicians, Dr. Jack Dybis, a trauma and general surgeon and Dr. Scott Yilk, an Emergency physician have personally witnessed the overwhelming effectiveness of intravenous delivery of fluids, vitamins, and medication on a daily basis, and provided the initial inspiration behind IVme Wellness + Performance. Joining Dr. Dybis and Dr. Yilk is a team of registered nurses, and paramedics that work very hard to make IVme the anti-ER experience. Our mission is to improve how you feel by alleviating the accumulative effects of dehydration, and in less than one hour restore you to vitality and wellness. The therapies provided at IVme are time-tested and proven in the hospital and emergency room, now made easily accessible and more affordable by fully accredited, licensed, and experienced registered nurses and board-certified physicians. Going to the doctor or receiving healthcare at typical center can be a very unpleasant experience. We understand that, and therefore designed IVme Wellness + Performance to provide an atmosphere which is serene, peaceful and relaxing. Learn More, visit IVMe Chicago Web Site here:

IVme provides expedited rehydration through intravenous (IV) delivery of fluids, appropriate medications and essential vitamins. These therapies are well-documented treatments for numerous common ailments that result in or are caused by dehydration and loss of minerals and vitamins.

IVme also offers Vitamin B12 injections to improve energy levels and an Oxygen treatment that boosts memory, increases concentration and reduces stress.

New specialized packages include the Sports Performance Package with super vitamin B complex for energy and glutathione—a super antioxidant that boosts athletic performance and the immune system. Used prior to participating in extreme athletic endurance activities, this treatment helps prevent cramping and “hitting the wall” when competing in events such as triathlons and marathons. The Weight Loss & Fat Burning Package features metabolic boosters and fat-burning B12. The Myers Cocktail, with magnesium, calcium and vitamins B and C, will restore the body’s imbalance of nutrients.

Medical beauty treatments are also available. The clinic will treat frown lines with Botox® and wrinkles with Juvéderm®.

IVme is fully staffed by board-certified and fully accredited physicians and nurses.

Learn More, visit IVMe Chicago Web Site here:


Patients turn to IV treatment to nix flu-like symptoms ~ABC WLS-TV Chicago

Dr. Katherine Tynus, an internal medical physician at Northwestern Medicine, said the first line of defense in avoiding the flu is to get the shot, but does see value in IV treatment for getting back on your feet faster.

By Cate Cauguiran | JANUARY 23, 2018

CHICAGO (WLS) — As a flu epidemic sweeps the nation, a Chicago medical company is offering something different that they say will treat those flu-like symptoms – vitamin-infused IV bags. IVme, a concierge medical service, said their alternative treatment will fight the symptoms faster. “Traditionally what people do is they go to CVS or Walgreens and they buy echinacea and buy zinc and buy cough syrup and buy all that stuff and say, ‘Okay, I am going to knock this out,'” said Dr. Jack Dybis, IVme co-founder and a trauma and general surgeon. “But those don’t work quite as well as ours. What we’re doing is taking it to a higher level.”

The price tag? $159 price tag per cold/flu treatment.

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