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Doctors: Get Serious About HIPAA! ~MMN

By Rebecca Fox, MD Sun, 02/11/2018 | Modern Medicine Network

I have many new patients express frustration with my office about our strict adherence to HIPAA policies; some of the stories I’m hearing are truly jaw dropping. One new parent (with a medically complex child) was incredibly irritated that we don’t communicate via email. He told my front-desk staff that “he communicates this way with many other physicians all the time!” He is in the IT industry and was surprised to know that email is not considered medically secure. We have a practice email where patients can contact us. I primarily use this email account to notify parents that I have sent them a portal message (many of my patients get themselves locked out and I have no way to know if they received my messages). We fully let patients know that if they choose to send records via email, it not considered secure enough for private medical information, but most patients prefer to send their records to us this way.



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