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B. WALKER: “How to Engage Millennial Healthcare Consumers in 2018”

By Brent Walker on Tue, Jan 23, 2018

When we wrote about engaging Millennial consumers back in January 2015, the fledgling healthcare marketplace had just finished its first flight. Three years later, healthcare in the U.S. is still in flux, but one fact hasn’t changed.  Given that Millennials actually outnumber Baby Boomers by 11 million people, healthcare providers, health insurers and other healthcare-related organizations need tangible insights into this generation. Traditional consumer segmentation offers only part of the story. We know, for example, that the Millennial population is far more diverse than the predominantly white population of baby boomers. In fact, William Frey, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute has said, “… the most defining characteristic of the members of this unique generation, as the country evolves demographically, is their racial diversity.” But their diversity extends beyond race. To develop successful marketing strategies for Millennials, healthcare organizations need to take a two-pronged approach: Address the principal characteristics of the generation as a whole and leverage psychographic segmentation to identify values, beliefs, emotions, personality, interests and lifestyles to engage and motivate individuals within the Millennial population. (More on this later.)



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