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Amazon plans employee clinic | CNBC

Amazon was previously looking to outsource its clinics and brought vendors in to pitch their services. After numerous rounds of discussions, Amazon ultimately decided to develop clinics internally, one of the people said. Providers including Crossover Health and One Medical offer on-site or nearby services for other companies, including those in the technology sector.

CMT SPOTLIGHT: Crossover, One Medical … A perk that’s keeping Silicon Valley workers healthy — and on the job

A Snapshot of Crossover Health Models

Crossover Health Medical Group is a new type of medical group based and licensed in multiple states, with a client list of leading innovative companies that share our vision of the power of a healthy, motivated workforce. Our Practices are located in Silicon Valley as well as in other locations throughout the United States. The benefits of next-generation care already being proven at some of the most innovative companies in the world taking on the cost, quality, and experience of healthcare.

“I didn’t know going to the doctor could be so awesome!” ~Crossover Health Medical Group member

With dedicated onsite and shared resource nearsite models, the Crossover Health Medical Group experience and results are available to companies of all sizes. The value of good health is clear for employers and employees. Healthy employees are more engaged in their work, more productive and happier in their lives. Healthy employees also reduce the burden of healthcare costs for employers. But for many employers, the path to a healthy workforce has been far from simple. Crossover Health Medical Group is here to change that.When we founded Crossover Health Medical Group, we were determined to bring to innovative employers the same standards of creativity, communication, connectivity and accountability they provide to their own customers. We were determined to create next-generation care.


Amazon has plans to open its own health clinics for Seattle employees | CNBC

  • Amazon is looking to build out clinics for its employees, people familiar with the matter say.
  • The company is starting small with a pilot, but is looking to expand the effort early next year.
  • Primary care is an area of focus for Atul Gawande, the new CEO of the Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and J.P. Morgan Chase health-care joint venture.
Christina Farr |
AUGUST 9, 2018 – A big question with clinics, Yang added, is whether Amazon will make them available to its many thousands of warehouse workers, who have separate needs from the company’s high-paid engineers and salespeople.”Dropping a package on your foot or throwing out your back after manual labor is a very different set of issues from the employee working at headquarters,” he said.

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