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CMT SPOTLIGHT: Crossover, One Medical … A perk that’s keeping Silicon Valley workers healthy — and on the job

For Google, Apple and Facebook employees, the doctor is always in — at work. … At LinkedIn’s Crossover clinic, for example, employees can make appointments with a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a certified health coach, a physical therapist, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist — even an optometrist, who also oversees a hip eyeglass shop that sells designer frames. Employees are charged a $10 co-pay to use the services at the clinic. Because the medical staff is not paid based on the number of patients it sees, doctors are able to spend more time talking to patients instead of rushing them through appointments. An hour-long physical is not unusual, said primary care Dr. Saba Haq, who works at LinkedIn’s Sunnyvale Crossover Health clinic.

By Tracy Seipel | The Mercury News

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — At LinkedIn, employees at the world’s largest online professional networking website enjoy a smorgasbord of perks, from gourmet meals to on-site dry cleaning to car washes and oil changes.  Yet in the uber-competitive world of attracting and retaining top talent, some Bay Area tech companies have been turning to a modest-sounding benefit that may not be as flashy as adoption assistance or doggy day care, but could have a profound impact on something much bigger: their employees’ health.  For Google, Apple and Facebook employees, the doctor is always in — at work. In addition to traditional health coverage, these companies are providing employer-paid health care — with access to physicians, nurses and therapists — at clinics onsite. And a growing number of other companies like LinkedIn are offering similar benefits in clinics they fund just off campus.



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