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Vliet, M.D. | 6 steps for Trump to turbocharge patient freedom


Exclusive | WND: By Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D., envisions executive order to fix several problems

Step 3: Turbo-charge free market changes by allowing patients to use their Health Savings Account funds for direct payment to physicians who offer “direct-pay” practices free of insurance controls. Such practices may be called Direct Primary Care (DPC), Concierge Medicine, or simply “Fee-For-Service.” Before the 1980s when managed care came to dominate, patients paid doctors directly. Costs were lower, and insurance-company bureaucrats did not have to “approve” treatment. Some direct pay practices also offer medications at far lower costs than available on Medicare prescription plans. Direct-pay options are sweeping the country as patients yearn for more quality time with their doctors at an affordable price.


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