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CMT SPOTLIGHT on CANADA: Meet Dr. Mark Brown, “Moose Jaw doc prescribes creative health-care changes”

Dr. Mark Brown is advocating for a shift in how doctors are compensated and more creative ways of delivering health care.

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While doctors’ house calls are a thing of the past, imagine patients connecting with their physicians through Facetime, telephone or secure email instead of needing to walk into the office. It’s the vision of Dr. Mark Brown, an advocate for creative changes to improve health care — for patients and physicians. “If somebody has to get a day off work to see the doctor and travel a certain distance, doesn’t it make more sense to deal with it by email or a phone call?” Brown asked. “You could be way more creative in terms of how you provide the service for the people you look after and make it more user friendly for them so they don’t have to sit in an office and wait because you’re behind.” Allowing patients to contact their physician via technology would require compensating doctors for their time. Currently, physicians aren’t paid unless they see patients face-to-face.



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