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EVENT | September 22, 2018 – Revolution Practice Seminar

Innovative Practice Re-Design *LIVE SEMINAR*

Warning: This event may inspire you, cause creative solutions to emerge and propel you into joyful success!

When: September 22, 2018

Start Time: 8:00AM EST

An Event Not to Be Missed!

Learn how to build your cash, DP Practice or Membership Concierge style practice from an experienced, successful team.  We are not people in suits rather we show up in our best scrubs. We don’t just teach it, we succeed at it every day!

“I Don’t Love What I Do Anymore”

This is the most common complaint we hear from medical professionals. What if we told you that it doesn’t have to be this way and that you can regain your passion for practicing medicine? We will teach you to create a company culture that has you looking forward to Mondays again. We take away the trepidation of downsizing your practice and transitioning to a model that supports all the things that called you to medicine in the first place. If we showed you how having only 400 patients could result in EXTRA dollars in your bank account , reduce your stress and allow you to spend more time enjoying your hobbies and family, wouldn’t that help revive your passion?

Relieving Doctor Burnout… Reviving Work Life Balance!

“Help me get out of this insurance nightmare”

You got it! We have all the tools you need to transform your practice into a thriving, happy and healthy workplace. Learn how to remove the fear and walk away from the confines of an insurance based practice.

“I have no idea how to market a membership practice”

We will teach you how to engage your staff, patients and community using the power of social media, interdisciplinary collaboration and local resources.

What do I need to do?

Register for our live event – a seminar where you can open your mind to new possibilities and recharge your love of helping others. In our live events, you will learn how to create a membership plan that feels right to you, create the team that reflects your mission and how to bring services to your practice that increase revenue and patient satisfaction.

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