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TC Reports … One Medical cash infusion is a tad higher than originally thought … $130M million more, total $350 million.

One Medical raises $350 million from Carlyle Group to help double up offices and offerings

One Medical is a members-only technology platform offering an array of concierge medical services, including same-day scheduling, virtual doctor visits and reminders for important checkups. It started out as a direct-to-consumer model but has expanded in the last few years to offer medical care for employees at companies like Uber and Adobe.

August 22, 2018

One Medical has confirmed to TechCrunch it has closed on funding from the Carlyle Group for a new cash infusion worth $350 million. This announcement follows an earlier report this week One Medical was seeking to close a $200 million deal, on top of a possible $100 million in stock for the financing firm. However, we have since learned the deal is a tad higher, including $220 toward the primary equity investment and another $130 million in a secondary investment.



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