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Self-Funded Plans, DPC | Part 2: DPC and Self-Insured Employers: A Benefits Trifecta

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A Marriage Made in Healthcare Heaven

July 4th & fireworks. Baseball & hot dogs. Birthday cake & ice cream.  Movies & popcorn. These pairings have become tangible elements within the cultural zeitgeist of our country.

The linkage between Employer-sponsored health insurance and access to medical care is no less meaningful.  The preeminence of this protected oligopoly as the only legitimate path to healthcare has become etched deeply into our collective consciousness.  So pervasive is this notion that thoughts of market-based models have rarely reached our frontal cortex; that is until the advent of the DPC movement and the price transparency flag-plant by our free-market friends at Surgery Center of Oklahoma.

DPC vs Capitation: Parallels to Ponder. By Dr. Bob Nelson, (Georgia)

 Our fear of being without employer-sponsored insurance (reasonable as it is in our current situation) is so palpable that the government created an even more expensive way to obtain it at the very time we’re without income: COBRA!  But at least the name is fitting. Never mind that the whole debacle was spawned by decades of unwise tax and regulatory policy, and the rent-seeking behavior that it propagates, leaving the once-indispensable Individual Market to wither on the financial vine.



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