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Dear Doctors, “When Three Docs Retire, They Say …” ~Editor Op/Ed

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Doctors,  

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit with three very different Concierge Medicine Physician friends of mine who were considering retirement.

The lessons they shared I wrote down and wanted to share six of them. I hope this helps you with your medical practice this week.

1. “Moving into this is not solely about providing excellent medical care without the restraints of insurance industry mandates. You have to also appreciate the lost art of customer service so long ago forgotten when visiting a healthcare institution.”

2. “Give yourself a raise every year.”

3. “Gone is the need to apologize to patients for lengthy waits, delays and the incomplete or unintentional miscommunication inherent to overloaded systems.”

4. “For the most part, specialists enjoy these interactions with the Concierge Medicine Physician, because [I] the Concierge Doctor was better-equipped to answer specialty questions after having heard the recommendations first-hand.” (Read More …)

5. “Leaders must convince the entire medical center that their work [Concierge level] defines the institution, while walking the delicate tightrope of providing extra service for the small percentage who pay the enrollment fee. The public and the organization must get over the notion that because a few will get this premium service, the rest will get inferior service and care. The same great standard of care that a medical center is known for can still be given to everyone, despite the service level being somewhat different.” (Read More …)

6. “You will be the hardest boss you have ever had. So, find something you love and pursue it. Follow this advice and you will set yourself up for an enjoyable future in medicine.”

Have a great week!



PS ~ I hope to see you in Atlanta this October. Early Bird Tix. expire in a few short weeks!

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