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Reserved Parking Still Exists In Hospital Lots, And Yet Big Box Retailers Give Priority to Veterans and Grocery Stores to Pregnant Moms. What’s Wrong With This Example?

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief

EDITOR | True Story | Radical Hospitality in Healthcare: The Face Behind D.O.B. 10.17.13

2018 – “Today I caught up with a super-hero … her name is Sparkle-Girl and she has something she wants to say to Doctors …” 🙂

SEPT 3, 2018 – We’ve all walked past these signs thinking ‘I guess I’m not good enough …’ The “THIS PARKING SPACE IS RESERVED FOR …”

Absolutely necessary for pregnant Mom’s, the disabled-drivers and even more recently I’m happy to report, Veterans. Way to go Lowes, a big box home improvement warehouse!

Yet, when we make a left turn and decide to go to the Emergency Room or the hospital, we have to park way in the back or the side, seemingly further and further away from where we need to be to help and assist our loved ones.

I even encountered a true story just months ago whereby an ER nurse told the 67-year old Patient who had driven himself 9-miles in his own car to the ER and was struggling to get out of the car in the pouring rain … she said to the patient, “Will you hurry up?!”

Ar you kidding me?

This is frustrating. And, we run into stories like this everyday. In fact, you and I are physically minutes away from these sign posts.

Listen to a recent parking lot encounter and observation I remarked about and let us know your thoughts. How does it make you feel when you see “Reserved For …” signs when you walk into a healthcare facility or clinic in your community?

We love hearing from you. Have a wonderful day!


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