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PRESS | Specialdocs debuts “Revolutionary Journeys to Concierge Medicine” video series

Specialdocs debuts “Revolutionary Journeys to Concierge Medicine” video series

Physicians reveal how concierge medicine transformed their personal and professional lives

Specialdocs presents a new video series featuring physicians who candidly discuss the challenges of practicing in the traditional way, and how concierge medicine provides a solution to the work-life balance issue at the root of physician burnout and career dissatisfaction. In a series of impactful vignettes, the physicians share their journeys from ‘tipping point’ through transition to concierge medicine, and the transformation of their professional and personal journeys.

CHICAGO, Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As documented in numerous surveys over the last decade, the changing face of medicine has resulted in career burnout so intense that many physicians retire early, mid-life physicians question their calling and younger generations avoid entering the field. However, for a growing number of physicians, a change to concierge medicine has provided exactly what they sought most1,2: a sense of accomplishment, restoration of the physician-patient relationship and renewed joy in the practice of medicine, as highlighted in a new video series from Specialdocs Consultants. The collection of candid vignettes features physicians who explore their journey from ‘tipping point’ through transition and their new lives as concierge doctors.

Amanda Collins-Baine, MD, Darien Signature Health, reveals the pivotal moment late one night when her child asked: ‘Mommy do you mind if I talk to you while you’re typing on your computer?’

“I couldn’t continue to see 25 patients a day and have any type of work-life balance. I knew it was time to make a change in order to sustain my career in medicine,” she says.

Reflects Jeff Puglisi, MD, Glenville Medical Concierge Care: “While there’s nothing more noble than being an amazing doctor, time goes by so quickly, and we need to find that balance.” He urges other physicians: “If you make the decision to switch over, do it now… there’s no time to wait.”

Others cite the fulfillment of deepening the critical bond with patients and guiding them back to health. “What I can do for that person in that moment to make their life better is why I became a doctor,” says Jeffrey Weinberger, MD, “and concierge medicine is why I love being a doctor again.”

Larry Leibowitz, MD, Matrix Personalized Medicine, explains: “All of those things that we’re not ‘compensated for’ in traditional primary care medicine are the most essential things. Now, I get to dive into those things like I never did before.  It’s been fantastic and I can see it in my patients’ faces. They love it.”

The physicians featured in the series partnered with Specialdocs Consultants in their journey, a pioneer in providing services, solutions and insights to ensure a successful transition to concierge medicine. CEO Terry Bauer says he is inspired by the physicians who choose this uniquely rewarding path.


“Our clients are intelligent and caring physicians making one of the most important decisions of their career, and we treat the process with the utmost respect for their accomplishments and vision of practicing medicine,” says Bauer.

Affirms Dr. Weinberger: “They changed my life and they did it in a way that was personal and simple.”

Watch the “Revolutionary Journeys to Concierge Medicine” series on Specialdocs Youtube Channel.


1 American Journal of Medicine, V 131, No. 8, Aug 2018

2 Residents list work-life balance as the most important factor in choosing their first job as a doctor. Medscape Residents Lifestyle & Happiness Report 2018

SOURCE Specialdocs Consultants

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