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TRENDING … POLICY | IOWA | Iowa House approves direct primary care option

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“The bill by Rep. Dave Heaton, R-Mount Pleasant, was modeled on a bill approved by the Nebraska Legislature last year. It would open the door to direct primary care, an emerging health care delivery option, especially for individuals with high-deductible health insurance plans.”

“Really glad to see this happening in Iowa. There are concerns by one of the representatives that there may be “cherry-picking” of patients. This does not happen in Direct Primary Care. In over 20 states legislation has been passed supporting Direct Primary Care. In fact the DPC legislation in both Nebraska and Colorado passed unanimously and was signed by Governors who are Republican and Democratic respectively. In the DPC world we like to say that we’re transpartisan.” ~Clint Flanagan, MD, Founder & CEO Nextera Healthcare and North Vista Medical Centers #directprimarycare #healthCARE #DPC #IowadoesntwanttofallbehindNebraska

Iowa House approves direct primary care option

It allows for agreements between doctors and patients

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By James Q. Lynch | The Gazette

DES MOINES | FEB 22, 2018 — House Democrats made a number of unsuccessful attempts Thursday to end the private managed care of the state’s Medicaid program that serves more than 600,000 Iowans. However, the minority party’s amendments to House File 2356 were ruled not germane — not relevant — to the bill that would allow people to enter into direct primary care contracts with medical providers. After lengthy debate on the bill and the amendments, the House voted 94-1 to allow Iowans to enter into agreements with primary care providers for preventive and curative health care for themselves and their families as stipulated in the agreement. People signing such agreements would pay a monthly fee — presumably less than a full health insurance premium — to their health care provider. Earlier this session, the bill was approved by the Human Resources Committee 22-0. It now goes to the Senate.



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