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The clever psychology of Disneyland’s design

BY FAST COMPANY | 09.04.18 |

Disneyland is a masterpiece of user experience and urban design–all conceived to help you open your wallet.

By Katharine Schwab

Created by Walt Disney in 1955, Disneyland has been a magical destination for kids and adults alike for the past 63 years. It’s also a huge moneymaker. Disney’s parks and resorts brought in nearly $5.2 billion in revenue in the last quarter alone. Central to Disneyland’s success? Its meticulous design. Ultimately, the goal is the same: to create such a seamless user experience for visitors so that they continue to come back to the park and spend money buying tickets, food, and merchandise (now possible with just a flick of the wrist). In that sense, Disneyland is moving inexorably toward a 21st-century version of its original fantasy–one where there’s nothing in the way between you and a magical experience, not even your wallet.



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