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Arts and humanities in medical school: a solution to physician burnout? | HF

Students who spent more time studying humanities had significantly higher levels of positive physician attributes like empathy, tolerance of ambiguit

Jeff Lagasse, Associate Editor | JAN 30, 2018

In November, the Physicians Foundation published a survey that highlighted growing problems with physician burnout. Among those surveyed, 49 percent say they “often or always” experience feelings of burnout, and the same percentage said they would not recommend a career in medicine to their children. Fifty-four percent rate their morale as somewhat or very negative, and 48 percent plan to cut back on their hours, retire, take a non-clinical job or switch to concierge medicine. Eighty percent said they were overextended and didn’t have time to see additional patients.

The findings have potential negative implications for clinical quality, which in turn can affect reimbursement. In an industry increasingly driven by consumers, patient satisfaction scores have become a measure that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services uses to determine reimbursement levels for hospitals and other providers.




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