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ZME Science: How to wash your apples to eliminate pesticides — according to science

October 25th, 2017 at 7:29 pm by Mihai Andrei

How do you wash apples? Do you rinse them, thoroughly wash them, or just wipe them with your shirt? According to scientists, most methods don’t really do much to get rid of pesticides, but here’s what does: baking soda. If your apples aren’t organic, there’s a very good chance they were sprayed with pesticides. Naturally, you want to ingest as little pesticide as possible, but how exactly do you do that? This study investigated the effectiveness of commercial and homemade washing agents in the removal of surface and internal pesticide residues from apples. Most apples you buy are already washed. The industry standard (in the US and many other countries) is to wash them in a bleach solution for two minutes and then rinse them. However, this is mostly done to eliminate dust and kill off potential bacteria — it doesn’t really do much for pesticides.



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