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Dr. Constantz: “The Challenges of High Value, Accountable, Primary Care.”

By Dr. Jed Constantz | SEPTEMBER 2018 | Healthcare Strategist – Primary Care Finance and Delivery 61 articles

LIVE, OCT 25, 2018 | ATLANTA, GA – A Beginner’s Guide To Today’s Subscription Healthcare Delivery Models

Primary care physicians, and their practice teams, face significant challenges in overcoming those obstacles that yield inefficient and non-affordable care delivery. Why is this? Regrettably, there are segments of the healthcare industry who’s “enlightened self-interest” benefits from this inefficient and non-affordable care delivery. These are segments of the industry where “keep ’em sick, keep ’em coming” is the overt or covert strategy.

This is why, in many communities dominated by these “keep ’em sick, keep ’em coming” players (and you know who you are) it is imperative for primary care physicians and their care teams to develop innovative working relationships that forgo traditional sources of healthcare finance and delivery in favor of high value, accountable, primary care strategies. We at HealthTeamWorks have embarked on a model of collaboration that brings these innovations to market in an effort to fast track “best in class” models of primary care innovation. Our Solution Center platform and model for learning helps primary care, and those who support primary care, get connected, get results, and get rewarded. Whether you are a primary care capability looking for innovation in support of the care and treatment of your patients, or an organization with something to offer primary care, our Solution Center is intended and designed to bring you all together through collaborative learning and shared resources.



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