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LaGrelius, MD: Health care’s fundamental problem: Your doctor doesn’t work for you | The HILL

Dr. Thomas LaGrelius (right, podium) from Torrance, Calif, Dr. Robert Nelson of Encompass Direct Primary Care and Matthew Zimmerman, Esq., of MDVIP speak to a group of Physicians at the CONCIERGE MEDICINE TODAY/The DPC JOURNAL “FOR DOCTORS FORUM” in Atlanta, GA USA — Oct. 2017 — ATTEND the 2018 “FORUM” .. Learn More about our Oct. 26-27, 2018 FORUM in Atlanta this fall … Click here …

By Dr. Thomas W. LaGrelius, opinion contributor — 02/23/18 04:30 PM EST | The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of The Hill

You seek us out when you’re sick, share with us the most intimate details of your life, and trust that our treatments will make you better. There’s just one problem: Your doctor may not actually be working for you, the patient. Over the last three decades, as patients have seen their medical costs increase dramatically, the number of self-employed doctors has plummeted. Today, just a third of doctors are self-employed, as more doctors find independent practice difficult and seek the sense of security offered by large hospitals.


Dr. Thomas W. LaGrelius serves as president and chairman of The American College of Private Physicians. LaGrelius owns a concierge practice and is paid directly by and works directly for his patients.


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