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CMT SPOTLIGHT: Meet ROAMD, a network created to improve the healthcare experience of patients anywhere they go, whether at home or traveling.

Nation’s First Network For Concierge And Private Medicine Physicians Launches To Improve Care For Traveling Patients

OCTOBER 4, 2018 – The concierge and private medicine segment has grown significantly in recent years, with estimates showing that there are almost 2 million patients in the space today. And while they have been drawn to the zero-to-low wait times, personalized service, direct physician access and other benefits of the sector, one challenge had always remained: there were no options for patients who needed healthcare while traveling and desired the same benefits they have with their physicians back home.

The founders of ROAMD decided to solve that challenge, launching the nation’s first network for concierge and private medicine physicians that provides their patients with access to care from other concierge and private medicine physicians when they are traveling away from home. ROAMD is chaired by several well-respected doctors and already has 150 physicians at more than 75 locations in the network, providing remote healthcare access to more than 45,000 patients on its first day.

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“ROAMD is on a mission to build a community of like-minded, forward-thinking doctors with the explicit goal of improving the lives of our patients and our members,” said Dr. Jordan Shlain, founder and managing partner of Private Medical and chair of the Physician Advisory Council for ROAMD. “The power of ROAMD is the power of the network. Our doctors are unique and believe we can create something extraordinary that provides immense value to our patients, our practices and the healthcare experience.”

How does ROAMD work? When member patients become sick or have a medical need while away from home, they contact their “home” physician who assesses them over the phone or via a telemedicine application. If the patient needs to be seen, the home physician can then tap into the ROAMD network to identify member concierge and private medicine practices in the patient’s area of travel and make their patient an appointment. The patient is then sent appointment details. Pertinent medical information, including treatment details and any follow-up care recommendations, is transmitted securely between the ROAMD “home and away” physicians through a HIPAA-compliant technology platform.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with our member physicians to continue building the ROAMD network,” said Dan Driscoll, chief executive officer of ROAMD. “We are extremely focused on the success and satisfaction of our patients and physicians. ROAMD is expanding patients’ access to exceptional healthcare experiences and providing member practices with unrivaled service and a curated community to share best practices, support and referrals.”

The network’s proposition is resonating with physicians, evidenced by its success in recruiting an impressive Physicians Advisory Council and 150 doctors to be part of the network at launch. ROAMD is hosting its first networking conference for member physicians October 4 and 5.

“My patients join my practice for their comprehensive medical care, delivered in an environment that allows for convenient access and time for meaningful interactions,” said Cari Dawson, M.D., a ROAMD member physician. “Being a part of the ROAMD network allows my patients to have this same level of care should they have an urgent need while outside their home town. It gives me confidence that, if needed, my patients will receive the excellent and timely care that they value.”


ROAMD is the world’s first national network of concierge and private medicine physicians. ROAMD was created to improve the healthcare experience of patients anywhere they go, whether at home or traveling. Created by some of the most well-respected doctors in practice today, ROAMD currently includes over 75 locations and 150 physicians. Learn more, visit:

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