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RESEARCH | Results from [Rock Health] third national consumer survey (2017 data) on digital health adoption and sentiments.

Authored by Megan Zweig, Research; Jen Shen, Former Research Fellow; Lou Jug, Former Research Fellow; With help from:Bill Evans;Michelle Huang;Danielle McGuinness; Mollie McDowell

At Rock Health, we believe the purpose of healthcare innovation is to deliver value to patients. For those entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to transform an individual’s health and care experience via tech-based tools, a deep understanding of consumer preferences is a must. That’s why every year1 we deploy a 4K-person survey of the US adult population to shed light on how consumers are engaging with technology-driven healthcare innovation. 2017 was the third year we deployed this survey, giving us three-year trend data for the first time.

Before getting deep into the data cuts, we outline five value drivers for digital health innovators to employ to create consumer engagement. Innovators must deliver on one or more of these consumer-centric value drivers to ensure adoption and succeed in the digital health market.

Read on for eight insights from the 2017 survey data. For access to all of the insights in the full report, become a Rock Health partner. Email for more information!

1. Consumers are in transition
With data from 2015-2017, we see a clear upward trend of consumers taking control of their healthcare via the use of digital tools like telemedicine, wearables, and online provider reviews. The percentage of respondents adopting at least one digital health tool increased from 80% in 2015 to 87% in 2017.



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