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Keri Rickenbaugh JOINS MS.MEDICINE as Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Cincinnati doctor aims to go national with Ms.Medicine


Lisa Larkin, MD, a nationally renowned women’s health internist, has founded a new healthcare organization focused on raising the level of primary care for women.

MARIEMONT, OH – Ms.Medicine ™, a new healthcare organization focused on raising the level of primary care for women, has hired Keri Rickenbaugh as Chief Operating Officer.


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Rickenbaugh has more than 20 years of healthcare experience, including practice management and operations. Most recently, she served as program manager in Executive Health for both TriHealth Executive Health and UC Health Executive Health programs. Prior to those roles, she served as the Clinical Operations Manager for the UC Health Women’s Health Center, where she was responsible for supporting the launch of the health system’s 26,000-square-foot facility for multi-specialty care of women of all ages. Rickenbaugh was responsible for the recruitment and management of the facility’s clinical and administrative staff, as well as involvement in the development of the Center’s programs.

Additionally, Rickenbaugh served as Director of Operations with Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates. Together with Dr. Larkin, Ms.Medicine’s Founder and CEO, Rickenbaugh will help launch the new organization locally and nationally.

Launching initially in Cincinnati as a concierge medicine primary care practice for women, Ms.Medicine plans to become a national organization of experienced, specialty trained primary care providers, supported by a national network of women’s health experts.

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Ms.Medicine providers maintain a much smaller practice with fewer patients than traditional primary care models, allowing them to commit more time and knowledge to each patient, building a relationship that addresses not only immediate concerns but also focuses on wellness and prevention. Ms.Medicine patients pay an annual membership fee – about the same cost as a one-day executive health appointment — which gains them unlimited, 24/7 access (including by email and cell phone) to their Ms.Medicine provider, and covers all visits. Additionally, patients have access to deeply discounted prescription medications, lab work, imaging and other services.

To learn more about Ms.Medicine, visit or call 513.760.5511.



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Ms.Medicine is an innovative health care organization whose mission is to raise the standard of care of women’s health and address the unmet medical needs of women. Our vision is to become a national organization of specialty trained, women’s health experts setting the standard for exceptional, evidence-based women’s health care.

For patients, Ms.Medicine is a concierge medicine model. Launching first in Cincinnati, Ms.Medicine is founded by Lisa Larkin, MD, a women’s health internist with specialty training in women’s health care. Dr. Larkin is President of Lisa Larkin, MD, and Associates, an internal medicine and women’s health practice in Mariemont that utilizes Direct Primary Care and Concierge Medicine membership models.


In both traditional practices and concierge practices, women are not getting the care they need or deserve, and women’s health-specific issues are often neglected and ignored. Providers tied to the burdens of third-party payers have very limited time to spend with patients (on average, just seven minutes) and thus, only urgent needs are addressed. Women’s complex needs, such as menopause management, sexual health, cardiovascular health, assessment of breast cancer risk, bone health, nutrition and other types of preventative care are not addressed.


As a concierge internal medicine practice model for women, Ms.Medicine offers comprehensive, longitudinal, evidence-based primary care as well as women’s-specific specialty care, such as menopause management, sexual health, cancer survivorship, genetics, gynecology, pelvic floor physical therapy and nutrition.

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The difference in the Ms.Medicine model is four-fold.

  1. The Ms.Medicine model places a priority on the relationship between provider and patient. As a concierge practice, Ms.Medicine maintains a limited patient panel, allowing patients unlimited, 24/7 access to their provider. Fewer patients means Ms.Medicine providers have adequate time to manage patients’ urgent needs and address prevention approaches. (Ms.Medicine practices opt out of third-party health insurance and Medicare.)
  2. Ms.Medicine practices are led by outstanding specialty women’s health-trained primary care providers who understand and can care for the special and complex health care needs of women. Ms.Medicine providers are board certified in either internal medicine or family medicine, have additional training in women’s health, and practice evidence-based medicine.
  3. The traditional primary care model leaves no time for last-minute appointments or innovative technologies. Ms.Medicine patients are guaranteed 24/7 access (including cell phone and email access), same-day appointments, telehealth visits (when appropriate), patient navigation services , and overall, exceptional patient service.
  4. Studies show that enhanced access to primary care providers can decrease the cost of health care through fewer urgent care and ER visits. Concierge medicine, with an enhanced focus on prevention, can translate into improved long-term health and wellness. In addition, Ms.Medicine can offer patients greatly reduced costs for some prescription medications, lab work, diagnostic testing and other services.


Providers can affiliate with Ms.Medicine in two distinct ways:

  1. As a Provider Member:Medicine is building a national membership organization comprised of clinicians practicing evidence-based women’s health care across the country. Provider Members may be any practicing clinician, including primary care, OB/GYN, women’s health nurse practitioner, sexual medicine clinician, etc.; however, member candidates will be vetted to ensure they meet requirements (evidence-based practices, appropriate experience and women’s health specialty training.) Provider Members will have access to the Ms.Medicine Expert Network, a multi-specialty network of women’s health experts in various disciplines to support and educate members. Additionally, as the Ms.Medicine brand becomes synonymous with exceptional, evidence-based care for women, the Ms.Medicine membership organization becomes a vehicle for networking among members, as well as with external companies (such as pharmaceutical and consumer product companies,) and its members benefit from their affiliation with the Ms.Medicine brand. (Starting January 2019).
  2. As a Concierge Practice Provider: Independent providers specializing in women’s health can apply to become a Ms.Medicine practice, utilizing the proven Ms.Medicine business model as a concierge primary care practice. Concierge Practice Providers must opt out of insurance and Medicare and adopt the Ms. Medicine concierge medicine model. The Ms.Medicine network of concierge providers will become the premiere concierge primary care organization for women, leading the way to advance and improve evidence-based women’s health care. Medicine Practice Providers are not only branded as Ms.Medicine practices (receiving marketing and operational support) but also are supported by the Ms.Medicine Expert Network. (Coming 2019).

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