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Dr. Jed Constantz: Greater Clarity Offered About High Value Primary Care – Worthy of Investing

The Primary Care Innovators Network (PCIN) brought purchasers of healthcare together with primary care in Cleveland to discuss and explore what constitutes high value primary care worthy of direct investment by self-funded employers. Yours truly, Mike Tuggy, MD, Family Medicine for America’s Health, and Chris Beck, VP Operations, Union Hospital, Dover, Ohio, offered insight and details regarding criteria and expected deliverables and outcomes about high value primary care. Data suggests high value primary care, when properly compensated in a non-fee for service environment, can be as much as 20% less expensive than traditional forms of healthcare finance and delivery.

These presentations and subsequent conversations with self-funded employers are part of a series of half day meetings scheduled to occur in cities all across the United States for the balance of 2017 and throughout 2018. More information about these sessions can be found at the PCIN LinkedIn page.


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