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Georgia Voters Favor Marijuana Legalization, Poll Shows

October 22, 2018 | By Eve Ripley

A majority of voters in Georgia want more than their state’s highly limited and nearly inoperable medical cannabis law.

A majority of Georgia voters say recreational marijuana should be legalized in their state, according to a new survey from NBC-affiliated station WXIA-TV. By 5:1, they are in favor of legalizing medical marijuana.

Nearly forms of marijuana are currently prohibited in Georgia, a historically conservative state that up until recently has been opposed to loosening cannabis laws. The state does have in place a limited, low-THC medical cannabis oil law for patients diagnosed with at least one of about 10 conditions, but there is no legal way to access it.

When asked whether the use of recreational marijuana should be legalized or remain against the law, 55 percent said they favored ending prohibition, compared to 33 percent who want to keep things as they are.

Additionally, 72 percent of voters said they believe that Georgia should allow state-regulated cultivation of marijuana to produce legal cannabis oil. A bill that would have legalized harvesting cannabis oil in Georgia failed during this year’s session.



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