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WATCH, Sneak Peek! 2018 CMT FORUM Starts This Friday! 32 Speakers; 15 Breakouts; Two Pre-Conference Workshops & More!

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Friday, October 26-Saturday, October 27, 2018

This OCT 26-27, 2018 — Comes an amazing Physician lineup of more than two dozen speakers on topics in Concierge Medicine that include: Latest Telehealth Trends; StartUp Insights; Pharmacogenomics (PGX); New Patient Marketing & Retention Tips and Strategies; and so much more! REGISTER NOW! http://www.ConciergeMedicineFORUM.com

2018 Concierge Medicine Forum in Atlanta to Showcase Neuroscience; Behavior Change; Telemedicine; Medical Marijuana Research; Alzheimer’s; Genomics and Precision Medicine Research

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | Michael Tetreault, Editor | Tel. 770-455-1650 ext 151 | editor@conciergemedicinetoday.com

Physicians and Healthcare Professionals Convene in Atlanta to Learn About Brain Behaviors Impacting Our Health, Evidence base of Operant Behavior and Neuroscience, Health IT, Apps and AI Communications, Genomics, Concierge Medicine, Pharmacogenomics, Evidence-based Medicine Utility, Direct Primary Care (DPC) and Other Innovative Healthcare Delivery Happenings, October 26-27, 2018

OCTOBER 24, 2018 | ATLANTA, GA USA – Concierge Medicine Today, in partnership with The DocPreneur Institute and The Direct Primary Care Journal (The DPC Journal), is hosting a 2-day innovative healthcare delivery and precision medicine forum in Atlanta, GA on Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27, 2018 entitled CMT’s 2018 Concierge Medicine Forum. In addition to serving as a “think tank” for the personalized medicine industry in uncovering emerging trends that could improve the lives of today’s physicians and their patients, the two-day forum will also address current trends that are having an impact on the quality of health care today.

Bringing together leaders from such major healthcare, technology, Concierge Medicine and Precision Medicine brands including: Pritikin Longevity Center; Boston Heart Diagnostics Corporation; The DocPreneur Institute; Evidenza Precision Medicine; Human Longevity, Inc., and the HLI Health Nucleus; MDVIP; Doctors Evidence; Genome Medical; Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (CCPHP); Summit Behavioral Healthcare; Cairn Diagnostics; OPKO Health,  a multi-national pharmaceutical and diagnostic company; Phosphorus; Cypress Concierge Medicine; the American College of Private Physicians (ACPP); Specialdocs Consultants; HudsonAlpha Institute for Bitechnology; The Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine; Variantyx, Inc.; AFFIRMATIVhealth; and Alletess Medical Laboratory among other innovators in healthcare, to present about emerging trends that are helping to reshape healthcare in the personalized medicine industry.

“America’s Best Places To Work never include a doctors office,” says Michael Tetreault, Editor of the trade publication and conference host, Concierge Medicine Today. “Inside traditional medicine, patients expect to wait. They expect insurance to cover their visit. When it does not, they expect to fight. Consumers of healthcare today say they expect a disengaged staff and an unpleasant visit when at t

*Each pre-conference workshop requires separate registration and is NOT INCLUDED in the general CMT 2018 FORUM registration fee.

Concierge Medicine Patients are invited rather than expected. It’s a healthcare environment where the Hippocratic Oath is married to the Golden Rule. We know from the massive swell of consumer interest in our world today that memberships drive engagement. Just look at the streaming television subscriptions and how engaged people are in what they watch. The same is happening in healthcare. When a Doctor tells us they will spend more time with us and research advanced treatment options on our behalf, there’s real value to that. This intuitive healthcare approach is designed to exceed people’s expectations every single day. This creates a massively loyal and engaged audience which, in turn, is producing some amazing patient outcome data as released and seen by some organizations in the space.”

“At Concierge Medicine Today, we are committed to identifying and exploring innovative solutions to enhance the healthcare experience for physicians and their patients,” Concierge Medicine Today’s publisher, Catherine Sykes, said. “Hospital systems, C-Suite level at insurance companies, clinical research and technology firms and others are interested in what is happening in the field of Concierge Medicine. They know Concierge doctors are early adopters of strategies and solutions. The Concierge Medicine Forum is about showcasing new ideas brought together in one place by some of the brightest minds and industry-leading precision medicine brands, health and technology futurists, and innovative Concierge Medicine physicians that will share with attendees what the future of healthcare looks like. How we can all play a role in helping people on their path to better health is what this forum is all about.”

Two Pre-Conference WORKSHOPS Available, Thursday, October 25, 2018 | 10:30am – 4:30pm ET – Preceding the conference, attendees can also attend two new pre-conference seminars taught by industry experts and academic faculty instructors. Membership Medicine 101 and Precision Medicine In Practice will both run concurrently on Thursday, October 25, 2018 from 10am -4:30pm ET.
*Separate Registration Is Required To Attend These Workshops and Highly Encouraged*
Register and Learn More at www.PrecisionMedicine.Education or www.TryConciergeMedicine.com/

The two-day forum in Atlanta, GA is also aimed at establishing a collaborative platform for physicians and industry representatives from various service areas to brainstorm new ways to impact the future of how patients manage their health and access convenient, affordable and relational physicians across international borders and the United States.

“We want to equip, inform and move physicians down a path to where they want to go in their specific career,” said Tetreault. “We want them to apply what they hear and learn so that when they return home they can do these things and effect change in their communities first thing Monday morning. Not only does this application make all the difference now, it will prepare physicians for the future.”

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