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Ep. 49 | DocPreneur Podcast: Meet Cypress Concierge Medicine

Ep. 49 | DocPreneur Podcast: Post Election and What it means for Free Market — Interview w/ Cypress CEO, Richard Doughty

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Duration/Run Time: 55:16

In this DocPreneur Podcast, Richard discusses what impact the Election and Policy may have on Membership Medicine practice models (i.e. Concierge Medicine; Direct Primary Care; etc.), what it takes to be a successful Physician in a Free Market Economy and more.

As CEO of Cypress Management Group, Richard brings his wealth of business acumen and healthcare experience to physicians looking to successfully transition to a concierge type model. He is particularly proud to offer physicians the Cypress option which allows doctors the ability to return to the type of practice they originally intended, all while earning significantly enhanced revenues in comparison to other transition companies.

Cypress Concierge Medicine
7984 Coley Davis Rd. Suite 101
Nashville, TN 37221
Tel. (855) 493-7477

Cypress Concierge Medicine is based in Nashville, TN and specializes in providing direction and support for physicians who have a desire to convert their traditional practice to concierge medicine.

Although Cypress does not own or directly manage physician practices, we provide: direction; oversight; regulatory support and control; on-going legal review; tools and methods necessary for a physician to provide a positive experience for each patient encounter and more.

Richard Doughty began his career in the healthcare financial industry in 1997, serving as a consultant to both for-profit as well as not-for-profit health systems. Since then, Richard has bought, sold or built numerous entities, most of which have been in healthcare.


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