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AMA | Pondering direct care? 13 potential benefits and drawbacks

By Andis Robeznieks, AMA WIRE | Senior Staff Writer

Administrative demands coupled with growing physician dissatisfaction about poor work-life balance are causing some doctors to consider moving to a retainer-based or “direct” primary care practice. It is a business model that some view as a way to reduce many of these burdens. In this type of practice model, patients directly pay their physician an annual or monthly fee and receive more time and freer communication with their doctor. A new report evaluates the practice model’s place in the shift to value-based care and identifies the advantages and drawbacks the model may present physicians and patients.

“Physicians seeking strategies to reduce administrative burden, spend more time with patients, or simply streamline their practice may experience benefits in transitioning to a retainer practice such as direct primary care,” AMA Senior Policy Analyst Lindsey E. Carlasare wrote in WMJ, the journal of the Wisconsin Medical Association.

In the journal article, Carlasare identified 13 of the practice model’s potential benefits and drawbacks for physicians, as found in the medical literature.



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