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Health Navigator Expands Reach of Triage Engine and Clinical Content with New Telemedicine and Digital Health Client Partnerships

Health Navigator platform improves the healthcare experience, from chief complaint to final diagnosis, for telemedicine encounters and health bot interactions

Health Navigator announced today that it has expanded its base of client partners with several new collaborations in the telemedicine and digital health categories. New Health Navigator clients include TytoCare; Lytic, Inc.; Global Excel Management; NextGen Health Solutions; and The Medical Concierge Group.

“The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and personalization in healthcare has proven to have a positive impact on healthcare for patients and providers. This has led to growing interest in technologies that integrate seamlessly into telemedicine platforms and digital health applications, like the Health Navigator clinical content and diagnostic engine,” said Jeffrey Schwartz, MD, President at Health Navigator. “We’re pleased to collaborate with a growing list of healthcare innovators to improve the patient experience, streamline workflows for clinicians, and improve patient outcomes through the use of new technologies and proven health content.”

According to Schwartz, Health Navigator partners with telemedicine and digital health companies to integrate its clinical content and symptom checker engine into solutions that streamline and simplify the healthcare encounter for both patients and clinicians. New clients that have begun using Health Navigator include:

  • Global Excel Management – Global Excel is a worldwide, premium medical cost containment company that provides services to a broad range of market segments. Global Excel is integrating the Health Navigator triage engine to better direct their members to the most appropriate medical care, whether that be telemedicine, house visits or medical facilities. The Global Excel platform, StandbyMD, will help provide their clients with the necessary information to seek quality medical treatment.
  • TytoCare – TytoCare is a worldwide, medical device, telemedicine company. Their innovative solution enables patients to perform medical examinations on demand, with a doctor, from the comfort of home. Health Navigator’s symptom checker will provide an extra level of guidance to help patients determine which exams to capture and share with a doctor and provide doctors with more information about a patient’s symptoms prior to an exam or consult.
  • The Medical Concierge Group – The Medical Concierge Group (TMCG), a digital health company based in Uganda, is delivering a patient-facing healthbot built into the Facebook Messenger app that provides a symptom checker to enable initial patient access/triage to healthcare support. If the patient opts for physician support (telemedicine) through a call-back service, then supporting clinicians have access to a consistent way of capturing the patient interaction, providing them with the most likely diagnosis and an option to give patients care advice. The telemedicine encounter data will then be captured within TMCG’s custom-built EMR system.
  • NextGen Health Solutions – NextGen Health Solutions believes in providing intelligent IT systems capable of deep learning and incorporating intelligence and innovation into healthcare delivery systems. NextGen recently built an automated symptom checker that provides triage recommendations, along with a list of possible causes, for use in the United Kingdom along with providing other technology-based healthcare services to NextGen Clinical Commissioning Groups and corporate entities. NextGen Health is also working to provide similar technology-based healthcare services in the Middle East countries.
  • Lytic, Inc. Lytic’s end-to-end patient support system offers intelligent symptom checking (powered by Health Navigator), personalized fitness, diet, and medication reminders, and channels into telemedicine and in-person care teams. Patients, health plans, and healthcare systems are all supported by Lytic. Lytic’s multi-channel and easy-to-use health management platform increases patient engagement, improves health outcomes by focusing on long-term care management, and reduces costs associated with unnecessary and preventable healthcare services.

“Our team at Lytic decided to work with Health Navigator because of the demonstrated accuracy of their diagnostic protocols. We were happy to find that independent research attests to their accuracy,” said Bilal Naved, Chief Medical & Strategy Officer, Lytic Inc. “We know that with Health Navigator, we’re working with the best digital health clinical content available.”

Health Navigator’s clinical content and triage engine guide consumers to answer questions about their age, gender, symptoms, and other clinical factors. Patients are then guided to a recommendation on the type of care they should receive and when. The interaction takes place when a patient uses a digital health assistant or when they use a telemedicine service, such as a nurse line. Health Navigator’s clinical content is based on nearly two decades of subject-matter expert input, literature review, data mining and analytics, and testing against large clinical data sets.

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Based in La Grange, Ill., Health Navigator is a privately owned health information company that provides a sophisticated, comprehensive telehealth experience, from the chief complaint to the final diagnosis. The Health Navigator platform uses complex databases and a diagnostic engine to capture, organize and present a more efficient virtual encounter for health care providers, e-Health companies and patients. To learn more, visit Follow on LinkedIn.

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