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Pharmacists can now share a little-known prescription savings secret with you

Two new laws aim to free pharmacists from the shackles of insurance companies so they can let consumers know when it makes more sense to pay cash for medication rather than run it through insurance.

By Theo Thimou |

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Paying cash saves big bucks on some medications

It’s a penny-pinching secret you probably didn’t even know you had in your savings arsenal: Paying cash for prescriptions instead of using insurance can sometimes be cheaper! We’ve told you before how — because of a variety of market circumstances — it’s possible to save upwards of hundreds of dollars on certain prescriptions when you pay for them out of your own pocket rather than using your insurance coverage. In one particularly stark example, a couple who paid $285 through insurance for a 90-day supply of blood pressure drug telmisartan was able to pay around $40 cash for the same med in the same quantity at Costco by not using insurance! So, what gives?



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