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“They want to be prescribed nutrition as readily or if not more readily as medication. They want someone to investigate and figure out their chronic issue and help resolve it,” Berzin said.

A doctor’s office that charges $150 a month and doesn’t take insurance just raised millions to make it the future of medicine

By Lydia Ramsey | Business Insider | April 2018

evidenza test gph 2017 dna test genetic pgx testEntering Parsley Health’s offices in New York’s Union Square area, you might not feel as if you’re headed to the doctor. The practice, housed in a WeWork building, has the feel of the startup space complete with succulents and a kitchen. The first clue you’re in a medical practice comes from a room filled with supplements and other supplies and a massage table that sits on the side of an office. Parsley Health, which got its start in 2016 and now has centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco in addition to New York, is the only medical practice located in WeWork. The practice is focused on functional medicine, a type of practice that tries to take a more comprehensive approach at treating the underlying cause of a particular disease, looking at it more holistically than on a case-by-case basis. For a monthly fee of $150 you get not just primary care visits but nutrition plans, supplement regimens, along with more in-depth genetics and microbiome testing.



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