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FORBES | In the end though, the most successful concierge practices will still keep their emphasis on the personal and “high-touch” will come ahead of “high-tech”.

The Secret To Success Of Concierge Medical Care, High-Touch.

By Russ Alan Prince, FORBES, Contributor

Concierge medical practices are becoming more normative across a broad spectrum of patients. As the current traditional healthcare system is considered “broken,” other alternatives are being pursued. This is particularly true when it comes to primary care where concierge medicine is proving to be a very powerful solution. While the potential to provide superior primary care is tremendous because of concierge medicine, success is ultimately predicated on the quality of the physician/patient relationship. Providing excellent concierge medicine is all about optimizing the patient experience. When patients feel they are being heard, well cared for and have better health outcomes to show for it, they will be generous and loyal.



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