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Best of 2018 | These organizations are reinventing the concierge medicine model. Here’s what makes them different—and what it means for you.

Hundreds of Physicians gathered in Atlanta at the Concierge Medicine FORUM by CMT (Concierge Medicine Today) to discuss, explore, learn and share ideas about what’s happening in Concierge and Private Medicine across the U.S. and Canada.

by Aashika Nagarajan and Anna Yakovenko | Advisory Board

You’re probably familiar with traditional concierge medicine programs, where patients pay a fee to get access to coveted services such as 24/7 physician availability or same-day appointments. However, fewer strategists realize that recently, the concierge medicine landscape has been diversifying. Innovative programs have evolved their models to appeal to additional patient groups while still delivering on their main value proposition: convenient and customizable care. Traditional concierge medicine practices operate in primary care and target patients who are willing to pay a large premium for VIP-level service. As such, they are generally limited in size and scope. Several new practices, however, are increasing consumer access to concierge care by lowering retainer fees and utilizing mainstream consumer platforms. Other practices are shifting their scope of services by tailoring their offerings to the needs of specific patient segments. Here’s how two types of next-generation concierge medicine practices have used these tactics to attract more patients—and what you can learn from their models.



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