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Managing Stress as a Doctor, Editor Op/Ed- “What If You’re Not A Beach Person.”

By Michael Tetreault, Editor-in-Chief

For many of you, the last place a Doctor expects to find solace is his/her medical practice. After all, the Doctor’s Office is more frequently associated with serious faces, wincing and the occasional whispers of, “Doc, I dunno know what the problem is, it just hurts.”

One of our favorite authors named Jeff, wrote this a couple of weeks ago … Today, many of us are better at recharging our phones than we are ourselves. Like our phones, we have a limited battery life.

The work of the Concierge Doctor is serious. You work just as many hours as you did before, but you now spend your time entirely different. You read more medical journals, you study and repeat. It’s a better way to practice medicine, but you must remember to recharge.

I’m not a beach person. I find the ocean crashing incredibly noisy. My wife loves the ocean. That’s her form of recharge. I’m a quiet lake type of guy. I say this to say that no everyone is a beach person. Not every Doctor recharges away from the practice of medicine in the same way, and that’s okay.

Find your beach or lake, whatever it might be. It’s a must. As Jeff says … Don’t take more care of your phone’s battery life than you do your own. After all, you can get a new phone. There’s only one you.

Thanks for reading this and recharge this weekend!

See you soon!


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