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The Observer | George Church: ‘Genome sequencing is like the internet back in the late 1980s.’

The pioneering geneticist on why he wants us to earn money by sharing our genomic data, his plans to resurrect the woolly mammoth and how narcolepsy helps him generate ideas.

CMT Editor talks types of DNA Tests available and does PROS, CONS and Comparisons of Reports, tests, kits, costs, etc. … Click Here to WATCH and LEARN MORE …

By Zoë Corbyn | Sun 18 Feb 2018 02.30 EST

What is the value of getting your genome sequenced? Why do it?

One very compelling argument that I think justifies almost everybody in the population getting sequenced is reproductive decision making: who to date, who to marry, whether or not to have gamete [egg/sperm] donors. Anybody that is of reproductive age, whether they intend to or not, are at risk of producing 5% of babies that are very severely affected with genetic disorders. Longer term, sequencing can enable the development of therapies that could provide years of enhanced quality of life.



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