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MD²: Concierge Champions to Ultra-High Net-Worth Sector

A private Seattle – based healthcare pioneer that paved the way for Concierge Medicine in the mid nineties evolved into a model that now serves as “Health Asset Managers” for people of extraordinary wealth who want to protect their health much in the same way they do when hiring financial planners to invest their money. Responding to a growing need, MD² has expanded into 13 cities in the U.S.

Over the last decade, America has been witnessing an enormous surge in companies and individuals alike attempting to optimize the personalized delivery of healthcare, as the benefits of a deeper patient/physician relationship are being recognized and lauded. This isn’t a new concept though. The sacred bond between a physician and a patient was the impetus of a model that evolved over two decades ago, which ultimately sparked a whole cottage industry, known as Concierge Medicine.

Concierge Medicine, 20+ Years Later.

MD² pioneered the concept of concierge medicine in 1996, and the Seattle-based company has since expanded to 13 offices in 11 well-traveled cities, with a business model that was purposefully designed to meet the needs of the high net worth sector. While a small percentage of Americans fall into this category, the demand is just as great for a stellar concierge medical practice that can accommodate the unique needs of busy executives with significant constraints on their time and demanding travel schedules. Individuals who cannot wait to secure appointments, whose privacy and confidentiality are high priorities, and most of all, for those who expect precision.

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From a lifestyle point of view, this model serves their needs well as their entire family benefits from the familial physician/patient relationship that is proactive, not reactive and that could make all the difference in terms of health. Dr. Suzanne Wittig, from the MD² McLean, VA practice, which opened in August, 2018 said, “I am amazed how the MD² practice model harmonizes with what I have always wanted to achieve for my patients. It’s not just me serving my patients, it’s all of my distinguished partners across the country. Together, the synergy of care we can deliver to our patients is unparalleled. I am honored to be part of this remarkable group.”

From a business point of view, joining MD² is a great investment in their long-term health. “It’s not just an annual physical. It’s a relationship I am privileged to share with each of my patients that becomes more meaningful as life unfolds,” says Dr. Jefferey Trunsky of the recently opened MD² Chicago, ILL Lake Shore practice. MD² patients are millionaires, senior executives, and successful entrepreneurs who believe they should invest in healthcare and “health asset managers” to protect their health much in the same way they do when hiring financial planners to invest their money. They no longer have to put their trust in an unknown entity or a “provider” who is constrained by insurance and billing. They have a trusted advisor, a medical champion and steadfast advocate who will devote their full energy and abilities to their health and wellbeing – always. And for this enormous commitment, patients are willing to pay the hefty annual fee to be one of only 50 families served by the MD² physician in their city. This unparalleled group of physicians are true “doctors’ doctors”. Each of the 26 MD² doctors is a seasoned physician, with over 25 years of experience; who has worked side by side with the most renowned specialists and are each connected to the top medical institutions in their cities.


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With the opening of MD² over 23 years ago, Dr. Howard Maron, a sought-after internist and former team physician for the Seattle Sonics, created the first “concierge medicine” model, downsizing his practice from over 3,000 patients to just 50 families. Today MD² physicians care for 1,300 families in 13 offices nationwide: Tysons Corner in McLean, VA; New York City (2 offices); Boston; Chicago (2 offices); Dallas; San Francisco; Beverly Hills; Menlo Park; Portland; Bellevue and Seattle.

Dr. Maron has always believed that by substantially limiting his practice to just 50 families, he could truly care for and attend to everyone’s medical needs and become intimately involved in their entire family’s health history. This belief and understanding stemmed from his time as the team physician for the Seattle Sonics NBA basketball team. “I appreciated that I could get to know each team member intimately, and that I could provide exceptional care as a result of knowing them so well. I wondered why people who weren’t elite athletes couldn’t get the same kind of relationship from their physician. That’s really where the idea was spawned.”

Dr. Howard Maron, Founder of MD2

“The same concept applies to family medicine. When a physician treats the whole family, they know more about each person, recognize issues and related symptoms sooner and can more proactively manage their health.” Says Dr. Maron.

Today, MD² is the largest group of high-end concierge medical practices in the country that offers (among many other services) direct access to their physicians and expedited appointments with medical specialists at top hospitals; genetic testing; in-office radiology services with same day readings; medical jet evacuation services and access to international doctors and hospitals in times of necessity such as business or leisure travel with their families. Beyond the advanced health technology to which they have access, MD² physicians prioritize services that promote the safety, health and wellbeing of each and every patient.


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Peter Hoedemaker, CEO at MD²

“Health care is not and should not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Continual innovation is what will ultimately save a crumbling health care system and the more options there are to serve the needs of Americans the better. MD² is the result of fearless trailblazing by one man. Others need to follow suit to bring new methodologies, technologies and models that will serve other consumer sectors and free the medical paradigm from it’s current spin-cycle with insurance and billing.”, says MD²’s CEO, Peter Hoedemaker.