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A.I. + Health, Telemedicine STUDY, U.K. | A comparative study of artificial intelligence and human doctors for the purpose of triage and diagnosis

By Babylon Health

RESEARCH PAPER: A comparative study of artificial intelligence and human doctors for the purpose of triage and diagnosis


Online symptom checkers have significant potential to improve patient care, however their reliability and accuracy remain variable. We hypothesised that an artificial intelligence (AI) powered triage and diagnostic system would compare favourably with human doctors with respect to triage and diagnostic1accuracy. We performed a prospective validation study of the accuracy and safety of an AI powered triage and diagnostic system. Identical cases were evaluated by both an AI system and human doctors. Differential diagnoses and triage outcomes were evaluated by an independent judge, who was blinded from knowing the source (AI system or human doctor) of the outcomes. Independently of these cases, vignettes from publicly available resources were also assessed to provide a benchmark to previous studies and the diagnostic component of the MRCGP2exam. Overall we found that the Babylon AI powered Triage and Diagnostic System was able to identify the condition model led by a clinical vignette with accuracy comparable to human doctors (in terms of precision and recall). In addition, we found that the triage advice recommended by the AI System was, on average, safer than that of human doctors, when compared to the ranges of acceptable triage provided by independent expert judges, with only a minimal reduction in appropriateness.

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Source: Salman Razzaki∗, Adam Baker∗, Yura Perov∗, Katherine Middleton∗, Janie Baxter∗, Daniel Mullarkey∗, DavinderSangar∗, Michael Taliercio∗, Mobasher Butt∗, Azeem Majeed†, Arnold DoRosario‡, Megan Mahoney§and SaurabhJohri*,¶*Babylon Health.†School of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London.‡Northeast Medical Group, Yale New Haven Health.§Division of Primary Care and Population Health, School of Medicine, Stanford University.¶Corresponding author: Saurabh Johri,

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