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Urgent Care Trends to Watch in 2019 | enter, “On-Demand Care Mode”

Blurring Lines Between Urgent Care and Primary Care — In the next few years we’ll see more primary care providers shift into on-demand care mode, and more urgent care clinics offering services once reserved for family doctors.

By DocuTap; January 2019

Over the last two decades, the healthcare market has seen rapid change due in large part to consumer demand for more choices, more control, and more perks. And urgent care is no exception. The entire industry was born, cut its teeth, and grew (at breakneck speed) based on this “retailization of healthcare.”According to Phyllis Dobberstein, DocuTAP’s Compliance and Privacy Officer, “Urgent care is growing because it responds to what today’s consumers want. This industry paves the way for unprecedented advances in healthcare that improve the patient experience and provide increased access to healthcare through innovation.”And with that growth and innovation, the on-demand healthcare market has attracted savvy entrepreneurs and private equity companies that recognize the earning potential of healthcare providers with a smart business model poised for growth.As we make our way into 2019, we will continue to see more mergers and acquisition in the urgent care space, more emphasis on giving patients what they expect, market expansion and crossover—and not surprisingly, more innovation.

#3a. Direct Contracting

One trend we expect to see gain momentum is direct contracting. Through direct contracting, self-insured employers partner with a healthcare system to reimburse providers for services rendered, negotiating terms directly with providers—namely ACOs and HPNs—and bypassing traditional insurance companies.



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