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Cannabis’ race to build big brands | 5 Stories We’re Following In This Sector of Healthcare

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Cowen’s Cannabis Analyst Raises 2030 U.S. Market Forecast to $80 Billion

That forecast is based on the hypothesis that cannabis receives full federal legalization by 2030.

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The U.S. market for cannabis has a lot of room to run over the next decade with sales expected to reach $80 billion by 2030 if the drug receives fully legal status at the federal level, according to Cowen analyst Vivien Azer. (Read Full Story …)

Cannabis’ race to build big brands

By LinkedIn, Bloomberg, Cowen & Co. | January 29, 2019

While American cannabis companies are growing along with the number of states that have legalized marijuana, their efforts to build national brands and advertise products are being burned out by federal regulation, Bloomberg reports. Television networks and online advertising marketplaces are resistant to publishing weed-infused ads since the federal government still classifies marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug. This hinders the growth of a U.S. market that has the potential to reach $80 billion in sales by 2030, according to Cowen & Co. (Read More Perspectives …)

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Advertising Weed Is Tough When the Feds Consider You a Drug Dealer

With a growing number of states legalizing weed for recreational and medical purposes, the U.S. market could surge eight-fold to $80 billion in sales by 2030, according to Cowen & Co. But it’s hard to see that happening unless companies can market their wares the way beer and liquor companies do. After decades of prohibition, many consumers need a push to give marijuana a try. (Read More Perspectives …)

Is Medical Marijuana Right for Your Practice? | Medscape | Jan. 2019

Medical marijuana presents a looming decision for some doctors. As more states legalize medical marijuana, should doctors get involved? Will it be beneficial to their medical practice? Or does it entail the type of work and effort that makes it wiser to stay away? … Whereas 13 states have very limited medical cannabis programs, 33 states have comprehensive ones, and 10 of those have moved on to legalizing pot for recreational use.[3] More states are expected to follow.

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TEXAS TRIBUNE | January 2019

Patients are hopeful Texas will expand access to medical cannabis

State Rep. Stephanie Klick, R-Fort Worth, was on the floor of the Texas House on May 18, 2015 hoping to succeed where many before her had failed. The former nurse was trying to convince the conservative Texas House to open up the state to medical cannabis in the most narrow way possible. (Read Full Story …)

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