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New App | HIPAA-Compliant App Aggregates Consumer Health Data to Share With Physicians


HIPAA-Compliant App Aggregates Consumer Health Data to Share With Physicians

CEO/Founder Chrissa McFarlane

Atlanta (January 9, 2018) – Healthcare providers and the patients they treat aren’t always on the same page. Providers use medical records that patients only occasionally have access to. Conversely, patients are tracking valuable health data on mobile devices, but don’t share it with their care providers. Patientory, Inc. is changing how the healthcare industry utilizes data, and they’re accomplishing this feat by giving patients ownership of their medical records. The Patientory app is a cross-device hub where users can view their health information, securely send it between care providers, and share their experiences with fellow patients.

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The app, which is free to use and available on most major platforms, syncs health data such as allergies, activity, blood pressure, weight, and more between all connected devices. If a patient records a walking workout on their watch, they can choose to share their heart rate with their doctor to view on a desktop or tablet. This instant communication between providers and patients can not only make care more effective, but less expensive as well.

Patientory includes a social community component within the app to help users support one another. The feature allows users with similar conditions to ask questions, get recommendations, and share their experiences, so newly diagnosed patients can know what to expect.

One of the biggest priorities when it comes to medical data is security, so much so, that the Affordable Care Act federally mandates how providers store and transfer digital health information. Patientory goes one step further by building their app’s software on blockchain technology. This foundation enables full HIPAA compliance on one of the most secure platforms available, so the only people who can access medical data are those that are authorized.

The Patientory app’s innovative features and design empowers users to take ownership of their medical information, and how it’s shared in the digital age. By improving patient-provider collaboration to be more secure and simple, Patientory is making medical records more useful for everyone. To learn more about Patientory, visit

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